Guide To Sit-on-top Kayak Touring & Camping:

Navigation Terms
Azimuth Ring = rotating outer ring on some hand compasses marked with degrees.
Bearing = compass direction to a landmark.
Chart = a detailed map for nautical use.
Course = direction you want to go.
Dividers = an instrument for dividing and measuring lines.
Easting: The number used in UTM to define how far east or west the position is.
GPS, Global Positing System: A network of satellites and mobile receivers used in electronic navigation.
Heading = compass direction boat is pointing.
Knot = a nautical unit of speed measurement equal to 1.15 MPH.
Map Case = a waterproof bag made for maps. Freezer quality, Ziplock type bags may do.
NAD, North American Datum: Numbering system with in UTM. NAD 27 being the older and NAD 83 the newer.
Nautical Mile = the average distance on the Earth's surface represented by one minute of latitude.
Northing: The number used in UTM to define how far north or south the position is.
Parallel Rulers = two rulers, or rules, hinged so that they are always parallel.
Pointer = found on some hand compasses, turns with azimuth ring to align with compass needle.
Protractor = a graduated, semi circular instrument for plotting and measuring angles.
Range = Two fixed objects, one behind the other, in line with you and your destination.
Scale: The ratio of distance between the "real" distances on the earth and the distance on the map. Example 1inch = 24,000 feet.
Topographical Map = a detailed map for overland travel.
UTM Grid Reader: A clear plastic sheet used to measure UTM coordinates on a paper map.
UTM, Universal Tranverse Mercator: The system used for creating coordinates used with GPS and topo maps. Expressed as NAD 27 or NAD 83.
Waypoint: A location defined by coordinates from a GPS or read from a map.