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The Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro TW Returns

Although Tim Niemier's original two hatch touring Scupper Pro is still absent from Ocean Kayak's modern line with no plans to return, much to our dismay, we are glad to announce that at least the TW version is back in kayak shops here in the U.S. as of August 2008. As you can see, the rudder option is not available, however it is made from the very same mold as the original Scupper Pro TW. A rudder may be added with some modifications.

scupper pro tw

The Scupper Pro TW has been re-launched by Ocean Kayak as part of their "Classic Line". The Scupper Pro TW (TW = tank well) was reintroduced and available in kayak shops as of August 2008. Many shops may still have yet to stock them, so be sure to ask for the Pro by name.

Center hatch at Tom's TopKayaker ShopThe suggested list price is $729.00. The Pro comes with a bow hatch. A six inch center hatch is an option that can be added by the consumer. As mentioned, the rudder is no longer an option available from Ocean Kayak and in fact the stern section is not molded for one. While the stern still sports the "ear" it is no longer "pierced". The jury is still out on whether a rudder can be applied or not. Ocean Kayak does not make a Pro rudder kit so it would have to be a custom SmartTrack.

Since Ocean Kayak is still using the original mold to build the Scupper Pro TW, so there should be no surprises in performance or design. Ocean Kayak has no plans to reintroduce a Two Hatch version, and will stick with the stern tank-well/cargo-well concept. Sorry campers... This may be great news to scuba divers and kayak fishers however. The tank well has the bungee cord cargo lines. The color selection is very limited. Only Yellow and Orange are available.

14' 9" long
26" wide
55 pounds
Maximum capacity is 350 to 400 pounds.

Please note that this kayak is available by special order from TopKayaker for pickup in New Hampshire. A shipping quote can be provided upon request. Contact Tom Holtey by e-mail or phone.

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